1 verb (I, T)
1 OBJECTS/EVENTS to feel that something is important, so that you are interested in it, worried about it etc
(+ about): The only thing he seems to care about is money. | care who/what/how etc: Don't you care what happens to them? | I don't care whether we win or lose.
2 PEOPLE to mind about what happens to someone, because you like or love them: I care about him, and hate to see him hurt like this. | She felt that nobody cared..
3 who cares? spoken used to say that something does not worry or upset you because it is not important: It's rather old and scruffy, but who cares?
4 couldn't care less spoken used to say rudely that you do not care at all about something: I really couldn't care less what you think!
5 what do I/you/they care? spoken used to say that someone does not care at all about something: What do I care? It's your responsibility now!
6 as if I cared! spoken used to say that something is not important to you at all: As if I cared whether he comes with us or not!
7 for all sb cares spoken used to say that something does not matter at all to someone: We could be starving for all they care!
8 not care to old-fashioned not to like to do something: She doesn't care to spend much time with her relatives.
9 I wouldn't care to spoken used to say that you think that something would be an unpleasant experience: I wouldn't care to meet him in a dark alley!
10 would you care to? spoken formal used to ask someone politely whether they want to do something: Would you care to join us for a drink?
-see also: caring care for sb/sth phrasal verb (T)
1 to look after someone who is not able to look after themselves: She cared for her father all through his long illness. | The children are being well cared for.
2 (usually in negative and questions) formal to like or want something or someone: Would you care for a drink? | I don't much care for his parents.
2 noun
1 LOOKING AFTER SB/STH (U) the process of looking after someone or something, especially because they are weak, ill, old etc: high standards of medical care | They shared the care of the children. | advice on skin care
-see also: day care centre, intensive care
2 CAREFULNESS (U) carefulness to avoid damage, mistakes etc: Fragile - handle with care.
-see also: tender loving care tender 1 (4)
3 take care to be careful: It's very icy, so take care on the roads. | take care (that): Take care that you don't drop it! | take care to do sth: Take care to keep the power cable away from the blade. | take care with/over sth: Paul always takes great care over his appearance.
4 take care of
a) to look after someone or something: Who's taking care of the dog while you're away?
b) to deal with all the work, arrangements etc that are necessary for something to happen: Her secretary always took care of the details. | Don't worry about your accommodation - it's all taken care of.
c) an expression meaning to pay for something; used when you want to avoid saying this directly: We'll take care of the fees.
5 take care! spoken used when saying goodbye to family or friends: Bye! Take care! See you on Sunday.
6 in care BrE a child who is in care is being looked after in a local council home, not by their parents: take sb into care: When he was sent to prison, the children were taken into care.
7 RPOBLEM/WORRY (C, U) literary something that causes problems and makes you anxious or sad: At last I felt free from my cares. | not have a care in the world (=not have any problems or worries) | take the cares of the world on your shoulders (=worry about other people's problems as well as your own)
8 care of used when sending letters to someone at someone else's address; c/o
9 driving without due care and attention BrE law the crime of driving a car without being careful enough
10 have a care! spoken old-fashioned used to tell someone to be more careful

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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